Separation or Divorce Assistance

 A separation or divorce is one of the three most stressful
events in someone’s life.

South Carolina Divorce HelpWhile friends and family will listen and offer guidance, you need a divorce advocate that is working in your best interests.

There are many components to keep in mind from child custody, to support as well as the distribution of marital belongings.

South Carolina is unique in regards to divorce proceedings and offers four(4) at-fault reasons for separation and divorce. These are adultery, physical cruelty, habitual drunkenness (alcohol or drugs), and/or desertion.

We can work together with your lawyer to find the evidence and records necessary to support your claim. Often times the activities of your spouse will provide a bonus and leverage to you in this process.

Factual, not emotional information is what the courts will rely upon. Investigative techniques consisting of surveillance and perhaps GPS tracking can record misconduct. This misconduct may be include infidelity, abandonment, child custody issues, or financial irresponsibility.  Often times, computer forensics will help in finding the hidden property which you may be entitled to.

Experience has demonstrated that the sooner an investigation is started the more key information is capable of being located.

From our friends at McGrath Law Firm:

Marriage isn’t easy. Every marriage has its own particular challenges and advantages, making every divorce different in its own way. The financial recession and resulting hard times, especially losses of homes and jobs, put a lot of extra pressure on marriages. Modern pressures on marriage include the impact of social media, which makes it very easy to “reach out and touch” that old boyfriend or girlfriend. And there’s an avalanche of free, often conflicting advice from friends and in the news media as well, that can make it difficult to make your own, thoughtful decisions. But the decision to divorce, increasingly, may seem like an extreme reaction.









Myrtle Beach Private Investigative services will be your best advocate should you be faced with this difficult situation.