Security Assessments

Myrtle Beach Security Assessments

Security AssessmentsThe reality of today is that your business, school, and residence needs to be protected. Whether it is workplace violence, terrorism, security or the liability of not providing a secure environment, the costs can be devastating.

Do you think we are safer today than just 10 years ago? The world is a dangerous place. People are more desperate in the recent down economy and many people are willing to do a lot in order to gain some type of advantage in life. This also means breaking the law.

We’ve decided to show you some statistics that will emphasize the point we are trying to make. Having a security assessment performed at your residence, business or school is critical. We are very qualified to perform a full security assessment.

Home Security:  10 Surprising Home Burglary Stats and Facts from

Business Security: $50,000,000 stolen annually from U.s. businesses. The thief might not be who you think.  The culprit? employees. Check out this very cool infographic.

School Security: More and more schools are putting in metal detectors to prevent atrocities like Columbine and others from happening in more cities. Other crimes include kidnapping and more. Take a look at these statistics from United Locksmith.

Myrtle Beach Investigators provide a detailed security assessment of your location. We identify areas of security weakness and give recommendations for improvement. While no facility is absolutely secure, security improvement may prevent an occurrence or result in the perpetrator choosing a different location.