Private Investigators in Myrtle Beach

Top Private Investigators in Myrtle Beach – Myrtle Beach Private Investigative Services, LLC is a full-service investigative company licensed by the State of South Carolina. We have extensive experience in all types of investigations including criminal, domestic disputes and divorce, civil litigation, employee investigations, security assessments, accident investigation, and missing persons. Twenty-eight years of law enforcement experience has refined our ability to focus on the facts at hand and to provide the documentation necessary to support our investigations. Exceptional customer service is a core value which sets us apart from others in the business. While we do not guarantee the outcome of any investigation, we can assure our clients that they will receive complete and accurate information that can be supported in court if necessary.

Investigators are a critical part of the legal process and can provide substantial benefits to individuals. Documented information can support or defend suspicions, allegations, or assist in solving issues of conflict. A private investigator will work within the legal boundaries with your best interests in mind.

Clients we work with

Maybe you are one of the many lawyers in Myrtle Beach or a Horry County small business. Maybe you were just involved in a car crash and need an accident investigation. We are the premier private investigator in Myrtle Beach!