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Myrtle Beach Missing Persons/Family Locator Services

Missing Persons | Family Locator | Private InvestigationsMyrtle Beach is a top destination for runaway juveniles in the country. Each year, over a million people visit the area for vacation. The beach, countless hotels, and an active nightlife lend itself to the attraction. Our team of investigators will work closely with local law enforcement. Also, our private security contacts will help locate your missing child before trouble shows up.

Young people make up 40% of all missing persons according to the FBI.
From their website:  As of December 31, 2016, NCIC contained 88,040 active missing person records. Juveniles under the age of 18 account for 33,706 (38.3%) of the records and 42,807 (48.6%) records when juveniles are defined as under 21 years of age.*

Perhaps you are trying to locate a family member or friend with whom you have lost touch. Or maybe you are trying to locate your birth family. Through a process known as ‘skip tracing,’ we can assist in locating such people. Depending on the scenario, this can be a labor-intensive process but often comes with positive results.


Why Do Adoptees Search?

  • In a study of American adolescents, the Search Institute found that 72 percent of adopted adolescents wanted to know why they were adopted, 65 percent wanted to meet their birth parents, and 94 percent wanted to know which birth parent they looked like. (American Adoption Congress, 1996)
  • The psychological literature has established that the desire of 60 to 90 percent of adoptees wanting to obtain identifying information regarding their biological parents is a normative aspect of being adopted. (American Adoption Congress, 1996)