Licensed Private Investigator Rob Mason

Rob Mason – Licensed Private Investigator


Private Detectives in Myrtle Beach - Rob Mason, Licensed Private Investigator

Robert F. Mason
Licensed Private Investigator
South Carolina License Number 3231


November 2015-Present Licensed Private Investigator, Owner of Myrtle Beach Private Investigative Services, LLC

August 2015-Present Licensed Private Investigator, North Carolina

August 2014-August 2105 Inspector of residential properties for Millennium Information Services

February 2, 2009-August 1, 2013 Chief of Police, Randolph Twp. Police Department, New Jersey

August 2, 2001-February 1, 2009 Police Lieutenant, Randolph Twp. Police Department, New Jersey. Experience in all three divisions. (Detective Lieutenant, Patrol Lieutenant and Services Lieutenant, as well as the Internal Affairs Officer)

January 1, 1993-August 1, 2001 Police Sergeant, Randolph Twp Police Department, New Jersey

January 1990-January 2005 Member and Commander of the Tactical Operations Unit  

August 26, 1985-December 31, 1992 Patrol Officer


Master of Administrative Science; Concentration in Leadership, Fairleigh Dickinson University, May 20, 1999

Bachelor of Arts; Concentration in Public Administration, Fairleigh Dickinson University, May 23, 1997

Associate in Science Degree; Concentration in Criminal Justice, County College of Morris, January 31, 1992


National Incident Management System (IS 200, 300, 700) December 2008

Division of Criminal Justice Internal Affairs Officer, February 16, 2001

West Point Command and Leadership Program, December 2000

Community Policing Officer, March 6, 2000

Certified Public Manager; State of New Jersey, November 10, 1999

Public Management Certification; Fairleigh Dickinson University, January 1999

Public Service Administration Certification; Fairleigh Dickinson University, July 18, 1996


Medal of Honor: Awarded for an outstanding act in the line of duty at imminent personal hazard to life with full knowledge of the risk involved. Above and beyond the call of duty.

Morris County 200 Club Award for Valor

Meritorious Service Award: Awarded for highly unusual accomplishment under adverse conditions with some degree of hazard to life and limb to the nominee, where death or injury to a third party is prevented.

Two Honorable Service Awards: Awarded for a creditable act performed in the line of duty.

Five Life Saving Awards: Awarded for an act performed, which through disregard or personal safety, or prompt and alert action results in the saving of a life.

Ready Commendation: Awarded to Officers who have completed 15 years of service.

Academic Achievement: Awarded for the successful attainment of an associate degree from an acknowledged college or university.

Commendations from House of Representatives and NJ General Assembly


April 2010 Internal Affairs Seminar

June 2009 Hazmat Awareness

April 2009 Blood Borne Pathogen

December 2008 National Incident Management System-Level 300

October 2008 Officer Down

September 2008 Hazardous Materials

May 2008 Excel V Advanced Pivot Tables

May 2008 Excel for Law Enforcement-Advanced

April 2008 Excel for Law Enforcement-Intermediate

March 2008 Excel for Law Enforcement-Basic

December 2007 Internal Affairs Current Trends

October 2007 Writing Effective Employee Evaluations

January 2007 National Incident Management System FEMA-IS700

January 2007 National Incident Management System FEMA-IS200

August 2006 Video Recording of Interviews

July 2006 Stalker Radar Training

May 2006 Chemical Safety (HAZCOM)

March 2006 New Jersey State Police DNA Lab-Overview

January 2006 Eradicating Racial Profiling

November 2005 Incident Command System IS-200

November 2005 National Incident Management System

August 2005 CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive)

June 2005 Hazardous Materials

June 2005 Incident Command System

May 2005 Radar Operator Recertification

April 2005 Employee Discipline-Just Cause

April 2005 Handling Public Access to Government Records

March 2005 Structuring the Law Enforcement Agency

February 2005 Counter Terrorism Intelligence and Awareness

May 2004 Document Fraud and Related Crimes

July 2003 Tactical Interviewing Program

April 2003 Exposure Control Plan

September 2002 Police Chief’s In-Service Seminar

June 2002 Radar Operator Certification

May 2002 Pre-Event Planning

May 2002 Work Zone Safety Train the Trainer

May 2002 Work Zone Safety

April 2002 Executive Development-Hiring the Best

August 2001 Sexual Harassment in the Law Enforcement Workplace  

September 2001 Right to Know Training

June 2001 Domestic Violence Investigation for Law Enforcement Executives

May 2001 Race and The Police: Confronting Bias Claims

May 2001 Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident Investigation

February 2001 Internal Affairs Policy and Procedures

October 2000 Crowd Control

May 2000 Community Policing

March 2000 Community Policing Modules 1-10

November 1999 First Responder Recertification

June 1999 Organizational Leadership

June 1997 Accident Investigation II

April 1997 Accident Investigation

March 1997 Mindset of Survival

March 1997 Labor Issues and Concerns

November 1996 Supervisory Management

April 1996 Supervision and Police Management

October 1995 Tactical Uses of the Ballistic Shield

March 1995 Genesis I Radar Training

February 1995 Vehicle Pullover Techniques Instructor

December 1994 Advanced Handgun Operation

November 1994 Practical Aspects of Police Supervision

August 1994 Less Than Lethal Force

August 1994 High-Speed Room Entry

August 1994 Executive Protection

June 1994 Arrest, Search and Seizure

January 1994 Advanced Narcotics Training

January 1994 Advanced Narcotics Training

October 1993 Drug Raid and Warrant Service

October 1993 Def-Tec Model 25 Basic Distraction

October 1993 Building Search Tactics/ Live Fire

June 1993 Attitudes in the Law Enforcement Workplace

February 1993 Motor Vehicle Theft, Arson and Fraud

October 1992 Police Supervision

October 1992 Incident Command System Instructor

September 1991 Chemical Training CS/OC

May 1991 Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children

April 1991 Police Response to Bias Incidents

November 1990 Arson Investigation

June 1990 Radar Operator Certification

March 1990 Hazmat Awareness

November 1989 Tactical Driving for Police Officers

October 1989 Advanced Tactical Operations

March 1989 Basic Criminal Investigation

December 1988 Stakeout, Surveillance, and Undercover Training

December 1988 Bias Crime Seminar

November 1988 Breathalyzer

September 1988 Driving While Intoxicated Detection

May 1988 Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus

April 1988 Responding to Fire Emergencies and Hazardous Materials

December 1987 Interview and Interrogation Seminar

November 1987 Crime Scene Search Seminar

February 1987 Street Survival

October 1985 First Responder/ Critical Incident Management