Infidelity – Cheating Spouse Investigations

Myrtle Beach Area Infidelity (Cheating Spouse) Investigations

Infidelity - Spouse Cheating - AffairWe invest a tremendous amount of time in our relationships and need to have the security to know if our partner is being faithful.

When suspicions arise, it is the unknown that causes a great amount of anxiety and may turn your life inside out. Statistically, over 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. One of the primary motives is a partner who’s being unfaithful.

Often times, these extramarital relationships last for an extended period of time without the other individual knowing.

Do you suspect your partner is being untrue?

  • Has she or he become less interested in you?
  • Have there been changes in the regular pattern of behavior of your partner?
  • Are they much less interested in being physically connected with you?
  • Is it tough to reach them throughout certain periods of time?

These are a few of the warning signs that your partner may be cheating or finding companionship with someone else. We educate our clients on the signs to look for and how to deal with a suspected infidelity situation.

All too often we work with clients who have suspected infidelity but have waited.  You hope the situation might change or because maybe you are embarrassed to speak to someone.

We are a private source that will listen and assist you in determining the truth through a variety of techniques including video surveillance, image documentation and/or financial analysis, so that a clear picture may be obtained to understand the activities of your partner.

If your suspicions are proven to be wrong, you will have peace of mind and no longer have to justify your actions to anyone.

Via legal and discreet surveillance strategies, we take all reasonable steps to ensure your companion is blind to our presence. Therefore, if infidelity is determined we will work to provide you with the documentation you need to deal with the issue as you decide.

We are nonjudgmental and are there to support our clients throughout a difficult period in their lives.