Home Watch Program

Home Watch Myrtle BeachThe Myrtle Beach Home Watch program

We offer premium home watch services for your Myrtle Beach area property. A significant number of homes and condos in the Myrtle Beach area are second homes or rental properties. While they are occupied during the summer months many are empty for months at a time during the off-season. So, who is watching your home at the beach when you’re away?

The Myrtle Beach Home Watch program has become increasingly popular with our clients as we provide visits to the property on a regular basis to ensure security. Visits can be performed on a weekly or monthly basis or even after a significant storm in the area. With every visit, we will take time-stamped photos of your property. This way, not only can you can see we were there, but more importantly, if something has gone wrong, you might have a better idea of when the issue might have occurred.  This could potentially also help local law enforcement with their investigation.

This inexpensive service can be expanded to include interior checks to ensure systems are running to avoid the unpleasant discovery of a problem upon your return. We also have the ability to monitor your home through wireless cameras if you prefer.
Additionally, we are able to provide periodic checks while renters are in place so you the owner know what is occurring at the property.

Most insurance companies include a clause that the homeowner’s insurance will expire if a home is left vacant for more than 30 or 60 days (depending on the policy). This leaves the property owner financially vulnerable for all the risks previously noted. As reported by: The Turner Agency, Inc.

Myrtle Beach Home Watch Process

One of our home watch specialists will visit your home on a weekly or monthly timetable. While on the property, we will look at the outside of your property, which includes the lawn, siding, roof, lighting, windows and door for harm or vandalism. A good way to keep your home from seeming empty is to have us remove the mail from the mailbox.

Internally, the toilets will be flushed, and the sinks and showers could be run to check for leaks or other issues. All predominant household systems can be checked to ensure the whole lot is working as it should.

We are able to then tell you of any problems or concerns that exist. Many issues may be minimized or averted completely if they are handled in a timely way, having Myrtle Beach Private Investigators check on your property frequently can save you a whole lot of time, cash, and aggravation.