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Myrtle Beach Fraud/Workers’ Compensation

Workers' Compensation | Myrtle Beach Private InvestigatorsThe majority of fraud and workers’ compensation investigations are conducted on behalf of insurance companies or corporate clients although we are available to discuss private matters. Through photography, interviews, and video recording we validate the claim or identify suspicious circumstances. It is imperative to report all on-the-job injuries within 90 days of the accident to avoid missing out on any benefits. In South Carolina, you have up to 2 years to file a claim. According to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission, you are entitled to all necessary medical treatment that is likely to lessen your disability. Compensation, benefits, payments and expenses can be determined by our team if for any reason you need assistance determining the best option for your claim.

What types of workers compensation scams are there?

The most common workers’ compensation frauds are bogus claims, stolen premiums, and “crooked doctors”.

  • Fake or bogus claims are where an employee files a fake claim for an injury against their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Stolen premiums are when employers hide the amount they owe in premiums through creative methods like shell corporations, false accounting, and foreign bank accounts.
  • Crooked doctors will make an injury seem worse than it is, so they can receive higher payments for more expensive and “needed” extra treatments.

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The cost of fraudulent claims is staggering and has an impact on all of us. Often times, the information that we secure impacts the outcome of a case. Our goal is to provide accurate information and documentation that can be defended in court. As we know, it is these facts that place our clients in a position of advantage when negotiating or defending against an accusation.