Myrtle Beach Private Investigative Services

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I hire Myrtle Beach Private Investigative Services? Thirty years of experience
between law enforcement and private investigative work makes Myrtle Beach Private
Investigative Services the right choice. We use the latest technology from GPS tracking to night
vision devices and couple them with good investigative techniques such as interviewing and
observation. As a client, you will experience exceptional customer service through frequent
updates on your case. Our experience along with the information you provide allows us to
develop an investigative plan that focuses on the objectives of the investigation. This eliminates
wasted time and money. We will work for you within the legal boundaries and be there to
support our findings if necessary.

What information do you need? The amount of information varies by the type of case but in
general the more information that can be provided the more efficient we can be. Our free initial
consultation will outline the information that we would like to obtain. Personal information,
vehicle information, work locations, social media information and friends and relatives are
almost always beneficial.

Are you licensed and Insured? We are licensed by the State of South Carolina as well as North
Carolina. We are also insured and bonded.

Do you handle cases outside of Myrtle Beach? The majority of cases handled extend well
beyond Myrtle Beach. Even those that start by the beach often times lead us to other parts of
the state or even outside of the state. Geographical boundaries have no limit on our ability to
work for you.

How much do you charge? The cost depends on the type of case, the tools required and the
objective of the investigation. In most cases, we will secure a retainer and then charge against
the retainer at an hourly rate. There are additional fees related to mileage and expenses but any
and all fees will be reviewed with you prior to us accepting a case.

Do you have a contract? At our free initial consultation you will be provided with a contract that
clearly outlines the business relationship. Once we agree on the terms and the contract is
executed work can begin on the case. The contract will outline your expectations of us and we
will work hard to meet those expectations.

Will I receive a Report? A report will be generated at the end of the investigation. It will outline
the investigative steps taken, the information that was located, and account for all expenses.

What is your background and experience? Prior to conducting private investigations my
background was in law enforcement. For twenty eight years I worked as a police officer in most
of the most litigious states in the country. I held positions as a patrol officer, accident
investigator, sergeant, Detective Lieutenant to Chief of Police. Through my work as a police
officer I have extensive experience in conducting investigations, interviewing people, analyzing
crime scenes, investigating accidents, dealing in domestic situations, internal affairs issues and
policy and procedure development. I hold three academic degrees including a Masters Degree.

Can you work with my lawyer? Absolutely. We routinely work with attorneys and find that it
helps focus the investigation. We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice. Our goal is
to serve the needs of our client and to provide the information that is beneficial to your specific

What means do you use to investigate a matter? We will use all legal means to investigate a
case. Since investigative cases cover a wide range of topics there is no one size fits all template.
Based on the information provided we develop an investigative plan specific to each case.
Through the latest technology to time tested investigative techniques information is uncovered
and reported back to you as the client in a confidential manner.

Can you be a witness in court? We are available to support our investigations in court. Our
testimony may be a critical part of your case based on the information that we gather. Once
again, we will work with your attorney to accomplish the best outcome for you.

Can you guarantee results? Unfortunately, no one can guarantee the outcome of an
investigation. However, we can assure you that as a client your matter will be fully investigated.
All findings and actions taken will be reported back to you. Along the way you shall receive
exceptional customer service to include routine updates on your case.