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Child Support | Myrtle Beach Private InvestigatorsChildren are the most valuable parts of our lives. Their safety and welfare is the primary concern. But what if one of the custodial parents may not be a suitable caregiver? Have they been supporting the child financially or do they claim no money or employment? Are they cohabitating with a new partner against a court or divorce agreement while you are paying alimony? Such a discovery may be grounds to reduce or eliminate the alimony payment.

Perhaps a parent is in a questionable relationship exposing the child to an unhealthy environment. All too often, a parent will become involved with a new partner without considering the impact that the person will have on their child or the background of that person.

From The Spruce:

The Amount of Child Support Owed Each Year

Wondering if the child support you owe or receive is typical? Here are the latest figures, based on the government’s child support statistics:

  • $32.9 billion dollars in child support was owed during the year 2013.

  • The average amount of child support due was $5,774 per year.

  • That’s less than $500 per month.

  • Only 68.5% of that money — an average of $3,950 per year — was actually received.

  • In other words, on average, custodial single parents who receive child support get about $329 per month to help with food, shelter, clothing, medical costs, education, and incidentals.

Children in single-parent households often spend a significant amount of time with a babysitter or nanny, but the question is, are they suitable to care for your child? We have all heard the horrible stories of children being injured or killed by a person we trusted to care for our child. These are all valid questions and concerns that as parents we need to address.

An investigation into any one or a combination of these issues protects the welfare of your child. You need to know who is spending time with your child. Our discreet investigations can follow a custodial parent during their visitation to give you piece of mind. Separately, we can monitor and document their lifestyle, living conditions, daily activities or associates.