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Myrtle Beach Workplace InvestigationsMyrtle Beach Private Investigative Service offers extensive experience in the review and formulation of policies and procedures as well as in conducting internal workplace investigations. Whether you are the employer or an employee with a workplace issue, we can assist. Has a completely accurate and thorough investigation been conducted? Have safety standards been established and are they being followed? Is training being provided to all employees? Are the policies and procedures accurate and up to date? These are just some of the areas that we examine to protect both the employer as well as the employee.

Historically, workplace and employer investigations have been the job of the HR professional. In fact, much has been written about the topic by various HR organizations. However, most businesses are small to mid-size companies and leaving your investigation to chance is probably not a very good idea.

Questions to ask in  Workplace Investigations from our friends at i-sight.com.

• Where and when did the action take place? Is it ongoing?
• Who committed the alleged inappropriate behavior?
• What exactly happened? Who else was present? In regards to employee investigations — employee discrimination and workplace harassment cases can center on implied or perceived intent.
• How did you react?
• Did you ever indicate that you were offended or somehow displeased by the act or offensive treatment?
• Who else may have seen or heard the incident?
• Have you discussed the incident with anyone?
• Do you know of others who may have been affected by the actions? See if they will tell you who else may have been affected.
• Do you know whether anyone else reported the incident?
• How have you and your job been affected by the incident?
• Did you seek any medical treatment or counseling as a result of the incident?
• Are there any notes, physical evidence, or other documentation regarding the incident(s)?
• Is there anyone else who may have relevant information?
• What action do you want the company to take?

Don’t leave your workplace investigation to chance. We are able to come in and bring the perfect mix of experience and knowledge to your employer investigation.