Contractor Cons

South Carolina Contractor Cons

Contractor cons are so prevalent because the scams that contractors use are getting slick. The cons and scams that these disreputable folks get away with is tough to spot up front. Home improvements are costly and require skilled persons to complete the job correctly. So many times, those we contract with to complete a task fall short of the expectations. Is the contractor licensed in South Carolina and the county in which he or she is performing their skill? What is the business background of the person you intend to hire? Just because they are a subcontractor for a big box store does not guarantee that they are reputable. Have there been complaints against the contractor or have they changed their business names multiple times? Did you give the contractor a deposit only to have them never show up to do the work? Did the contractor demand final payment prior to the completion of the job and now they won’t return your calls?

Luckily, there are a number of great websites and directories like Angie’s List that can help you when you are deciding to choose a contractor. By doing a bit of homework, you will be able to spot these contractor cons before you get taken for a ride. If you do, we can help gather the necessary evidence to fight back.

Clark Howard, a famous radio and television personality has some tips on spotting the scam. He does, however, point out in this article that not all contractors are looking to take advantage of you.

“The vast majority of building and remodeling contractors are honest, hardworking, contentious people who take a great deal of pride in their work. Unfortunately, like any profession, it can only take a few bad apples to give everyone a bad name. Seemingly at least a few times a month, especially during the summer when many homeowners decide to go ahead with remodeling projects, there is something on the local news about the latest contractor (cons and) scams and how families get taken for a lot of money.”

In these business relationships, the written contract and the money agreed upon are the key factors. Once Myrtle Beach private detectives look into poor business practices, they often reveal that you are not the only one who has been taken advantage of. Some people do not pursue such cases because they are embarrassed or feel that it is too difficult to pursue the matter on their own. Such investigations can often provide the evidence and documentation to assist you in pursuing legal action against the contractor in question.