Alimony and Cohabitation

Alimony and Cohabitation in South CarolinaWhat is Alimony?

From  The Free Dictionary: Payment that a family court may order one person in a couple to make to the other person when that couple separates or divorces.

Alimony is a legal obligation to provide money to a former spouse. These payments could last for a significant period of time. The amount of the payments might be determined by the earnings potential of the man or woman receiving it. Often times these agreements prevent the receiving person from cohabitating with a new partner while collecting these payments.

How long does Alimony continue?

How long an alimony order lasts relies upon on the type that the court awards. There are several types of alimony. These include periodic, lump sum, rehabilitative, and repayment alimony.

Courts determine whether or not to grant alimony based on numerous elements, such as:

  • How long the couple was married
  • The age of each partner as well as vital health information
  • How well educated they are, and if one of the spouses need continuing education to increase their earning potential
  • The current earnings, earnings capacity, and employment records of each spouse
  • How expensive the couple’s lifestyle is
  • Earnings and expenses of each spouse
  • Childcare obligations
  • Is there an affair or neglect during the marriage
  • What, if any tax penalties will need to be paid upon receipt of the awarded money

If you suspect such a state of affairs, then organizing clear proof that supports your notion may be grounds to lessen or eliminate alimony

Through surveillance and research, we will help you in determining financial stability or if your former associate is cohabiting with another and acquire the proof needed to show the court.