South Carolina roads are becoming more dangerous by the day. Complete accident investigations are rare, accident reporting is the norm. The roads in South Carolina have become very dangerous for drivers in the last few years. According to various studies, the number of fatal crashes has increased tremendously. For example, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the state had 977 fatal accidents in 2015. More specifically the Myrtle Beach area has led the state in traffic fatalities since 2011. The main cause of all these accidents were drunk drivers (309 of the 977 total deaths in 2015 were attributed to alcohol).
Accident InvestigationThe Myrtle Beach area is well known for its congested roads and there are always a lot of traffic jams in this area, especially along Highway 501 and Highway 17. This traffic is compounded by a number of construction projects; there are sudden stops and bumper-to-bumper traffic.
Additionally, there are also several statistics concerning motorcycle collisions the last two years (2016- 2017). For instance, for every 10 thousand registered motorcyclists, there are around 16 fatalities reported. As a result, motorcyclists have a 25% greater chance of dying in a road accident around this area.
In most of these accidents, the drivers had a head as well as traumatic brain injuries.
Moreover, it is estimated that around 8% of all the accident fatalities are motorcyclists, with 90% of these deaths involving men. The average age of these victims is around 41. Most of these accidents happened between April and May, just the time when motorcyclists tend to get out more with their bikes because of the good weather. Of course, there are also a lot of accidents on Fridays and on weekends, when there is more traffic on the roads.

 Accidents involving pedestrians are also more likely to occur in Myrtle Beach than any other parts of South Carolina. Accident Investigations need to take place, but with a shortage of state troopers, this becomes nearly impossible without the help of a private investigator.

No matter how careful you try to be on the road, you may find yourself involved in an accident. Whether it is an accidental tire burst on your side or the other party is at fault, something needs to be done fast. If it happens to be your or even a loved one, we would like to help.


What to do in Case of an Accident

An accident has occurred; What should I do? 

When an accident occurs, the first thing that needs to be done is check if everyone is okay. In case of injuries, emergency health care should be sought immediately. The most important thing for the drivers is to call the police immediately in case of a road accident in order to record all the data.  Typically, the police will record the information and then conclude what happened. Without complete accident investigations being done, this conclusion may not be completely accurate, and as a result, leave you liable.

Here is the big problem: the workload and sheer volume of cases outnumber the number of State troopers that can investigate.

State Troopers are Trying to Help People the Best Possible Way

Accident Investigation in Myrtle Beach

Why the Police Force is Struggling to Serve the People

It is no secret that the state troopers understaffed conditions are all over the country and South Carolina is no different. South Carolina is actually more affected than other parts. According to the S.C. Criminal Justice Academy, about half the police who graduate from the academy leave their jobs within a year. Why are they leaving?

Leading among the reasons why many officers are handing in their badges is the low pay and pay disparity. Some officers leave to try and work in other states while others leave the police force completely to venture into other affairs that have better pay. Safety is also another reason that officers opt to quit. Between 2006 and 2015, there have been 10 cases of murdered officers in South Carolina. Assaults against officers have been on the increase with 265 reported in 2014, and then 469 assaults reported in 2015. There are many other reasons why the troopers quit, but the bottom line is that the police service is now struggling to serve the public. Reporting accidents to them is necessary but accident investigations are rarely done and when they are, they take far too long.

Legal Help is Important for you

In case of an accident crash, you need to get legal help. This way the right people can gather pertinent crash data, that you may need in court. For example, you can call Myrtle Beach Private Investigators to help you out and they can give you all the info you need about the crash after they complete an investigation. In fact, a private investigator can complete the investigation with all the important facts like the statements, photos, and mechanical inspections. When you are involved in such a serious matter, you need to trust the best in the State; the ones that have the professional experience and can deal with these matters in a successful way.

We can help with accident investigations

If you cannot rely on the state troopers to investigate your South Carolina roads accident; where can you get help? Look no further. Myrtle Beach Private Investigators will do an investigation quickly to help you close that chapter and the trauma associated with being involved in an accident. With the results of our investigations, you will be able to know who was liable for the accident. We will examine the road conditions, talk to witnesses, take photographs of the vehicles involved and carry out many other investigative procedures. We have enough staff members to handle cases with ease and fast so when you come to us you can be sure that you will get answers fast.

accident investigationsWhy You Should Seek Legal Help

You can be involved in an accident and just let it pass without following up but that is not the best practice. Getting legal help is very important.

Why seek this help?

Motor vehicle accidents are associated with personal injuries and damage to property. Your insurance provider will help but they will require an investigation of the accident. Even when they do pay up, the amount is rarely enough to cover all expenses. Then you will have two options; to pay the money from your pocket and forget about it or sue the one who caused the accident for compensation. The latter is fair to you and will not tip the balance of your finances.

When you choose to sue, you have nothing to worry about. Just find a good lawyer and we will provide them with all the information related to your crash. With our in-depth accident investigations, you can be confident that nothing was overlooked. You may be compensated for any losses incurred during the accident. Though this may not erase the fateful event from your mind, it will make dealing with it much easier.

Why choose us?

The South Carolina and specifically the Myrtle Beach traffic is very unpredictable. You never know when you will literally bump into a drunk driver on the road. When you do, just give us a call and we will handle the investigation. Why us and not any other private investigative company?

When it comes to such a serious issue you cannot trust anyone but the best. We are licensed by the South Carolina State and the North Carolina State so you can be sure we have the professional skills. We are also part of the South Carolina Private Investigators Association. We are headed by a retired Chief of Police, Mr. Robert Mason, who is dedicated and very ethical. He is highly qualified with three academic degrees and is a graduate of The West Point Command and leadership program. He has specific training related to accident investigations.

We have been around for twenty-eight years and so you can be sure we have learned many things that only experience can teach. We can locate and interview anyone and our evidence gathering skills are exceptional. We believe in giving the best customer service and strive to ensure all our clients are satisfied. Trust us for your crash investigation and you will have the confidence that it was done right.