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Top 10 Reasons for Hiring a Private Investigator
It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry


Let’s face it. We live in a world full of corruption, deceit, and fraud. Many people are dishonest. They lie, cheat and steal. To compound the problem, not only are these just random people, but they are people we know and trust. Coworkers, neighbors, friends and sadly, even family. People who know things about our lives and know our innermost secrets.

With all this in mind, who do you call when you need expert advice and assistance regarding infidelity, divorce, child custody, alimony, senior care abuse, investment scams, false resumes, fake companies, identity theft, online dating scams, fraud/workers compensation and/or contractor cons? It’s best to rely on private investigators to minimize risk and gather clear information. It’s definitely better to be safe and get the facts before determining the best course of action.

Below is a list of reasons to hire a Private Investigator (in no particular order):

  1. Infidelity

Do you suspect that your spouse or partner is having an affair? Have they shown a lack of interest or have their behavior patterns changed drastically? Is it hard to reach them or do they take a long time to respond after you call or text? These are all signs that may indicate that your spouse or partner is involved with another. These unfortunate situations are the most common types of cases that involve private investigators. A private investigator can assist by providing evidence through video surveillance, GPS tracking, cell phone analysis, photographs and/or financial analysis.  Working with a private investigator will provide you with a full understanding of the activities of your partner.

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  1. Divorce/Separation

Marriage isn’t easy. Separation is hard. Divorce is tough. A private investigator working on your behalf will help collect evidence that may be beneficial to your situation. Often times they uncover hidden assets, hidden bank accounts, evidence of spousal misconduct, cheating, infidelity and more. The discovery of such information may dramatically enhance your position in a divorce proceeding. PI’s often assist attorneys and can testify in court to bring an unbiased perspective to the case.

  1. Alimony

Alimony is a legal obligation to provide money to a former spouse due to separation or divorce. These payments often last for a defined period of time. Payment amounts are often determined by the earnings potential of the man or woman receiving it. Alimony can be granted through the court based on things such as length of the marriage, current earnings, lifestyle expenses and even childcare obligations. Alimony agreements often prevent the receiving person from living with a new partner while collecting these payments. A Private Investigator can assist in determining if all aspects of the alimony agreement are being followed. Proof that the party receiving the alimony is violating the agreement, may support a reduction in alimony or perhaps even the elimination of alimony payments.

  1. Child Support

Are you fighting to win custody of your child, or do you suspect that the custodial parent is unfit? If so, a Private Investigator may be able to assist. In cases involving children, you must uncover compelling facts that can be supported in court. Private investigators can serve as a witness in a case and help to prove facts that are tough to prove on your own. Cases are often determined by the facts and evidence that are presented and often it is the result of a Private Investigators work. Private Investigators can assist in answering the tough questions but will always look out for the best interest of the child.

  1. Online Dating/Pre-Marital Investigation

Online Dating is huge with the growth and popularity of technology, the internet, and social media. Anyone can go online and post a profile with detailed information along with photos, making it easy to become a target of crazy scams. These online scams are commonly known as romance scams and it leaves the possibility of not only losing money but involves the risk of getting hurt emotionally as well. Private investigators can conduct background checks and is a great option to consider in order to avoid dating scams. Anyone can fall victim to dating scams and PI’s verify the truth behind any profile. If you are already involved in a relationship that started through online dating and is considering a serious commitment then you need to do your homework. PI’s will confirm if the person you are in love with is really who they say they are.

  1. Employee Background Checks

Background checks are often requested by employers when considering job candidates for employment. This usually occurs when candidates seek career-oriented positions. It includes positions in institutions like schools, courthouses, hospitals, banks, airports, and even government. Sometimes these background checks are administered by a government agency, but for smaller companies or organizations Private Investigators often perform this task. Results of a background check typically include past employment verification, credit history, criminal history, and the interview of references. Background checks of potential employees are a must and can avoid costly litigation in the future.

Do you know what is in your background? Before seeking employment it is worth having a Private Investigator complete a background investigation for you. With this information in hand, you will be better prepared to complete applications and answer interview questions related to your background.

  1. Fraud/Workers Compensation

The most common workers’ compensation frauds are bogus claims, stolen premiums, and “crooked doctors”. Fake or bogus claims are where an employee files a fake claim for an injury against their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Stolen premiums are when employers hide the amount they owe in premiums through fraudulent methods. Examples include shell corporations, false accounting, and foreign bank accounts. Crooked doctors will make an injury seem worse than it is, so they can receive higher payments for more expensive and “needed” extra treatments. Private Investigators can provide more information on these scams, risks, and penalties. The majority of fraud and workers’ compensation investigations are conducted on behalf of insurance companies or corporate clients. Private Investigators are easily available to discuss more in-depth private matters.

  1. Accident Investigation

Unfortunately, personal injuries through accidents can occur at any given moment. A Private Investigator can find key witnesses, identify pertinent facts that have been overlooked when a crash report is incomplete, and locate information essential to winning a personal injury lawsuit. PI’s are also sure to obtain police transcriptions of 911 calls as well as police related video.

  1. Contractor Cons

Home improvement projects can be very costly and require skilled professionals to handle the job. Unfortunately, some contractors often demonstrate poor business practices. Sites like Angie’s List can help avoid these cons and scams, but sometimes it’s not enough. A Private Investigator can look into the background of a contractor you’re looking to hire or assist you with broken contracts. Often times these situations come to light after you have provided a deposit to the contractor and he fails to show up and perform the work. Another common example of a con is when a contractor refuses to return your calls after making a final payment on a job that was never completed. The best advice to avoid such situations is to ensure everything is in writing and that you always hold back 15% of the total price until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

  1. Legal Defense

What if you were a victim of an investment scam? Or involved in a criminal investigation or civil action? Private Investigators are there to conduct investigations on your behalf. They investigate fraudulent websites, false companies, and matters where you have been unjustly accused. Global crime is on the rise, so even in international cases, PI’s can step in areas where police and law enforcement may lack. Overall, PI’s are available to work on your behalf and work in your best interest.

Private Investigator in Myrtle BeachA Professional Private Investigator offers many reliable services to help in many situations – from criminal cases to infidelity to background checks. Just make sure you do your homework and deal with a company you can trust. Services offered and quality of services vary dramatically from one company to the next. Keep in mind there are always professional Private Investigators available to back you up when needed. Don’t take their services for granted!

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